TRC was established in 1995. We are a specialized manufacturer in the passive components fields for many years, then with more than 6 years experiences in leading exporter for passive components and industrial products, we make every effort to serve you better with the full heated support.
Mission: Excellent Quality, Competitive Price and Prompt Service are our mission and commitment.
Professional manufacturer of chip resistorsand supplier of various components
Founded in 1988
Capital:USD 23 Million
Employee:320 People

Company Objectives
● To produce & supply the goods according to
● byers specification and requirements.
● To deliver the product on time.
● To offer the best service all the time.
ISO 9001,ISO 14001,OHSAS 18000, IATF 16949 AEC-Q200 regulation test

Customer Services

● Customer orientated to meet customer requirements completely
● Comprehensive mechanism for customer complaint/service
● Single window for more efficient
● Periodic customer satisfaction survey
● Enhance quality & service through MES & ERP implementation

Product Capacity Comparison
Company Product Y R Ever ohms remark
Thick Film 120B 30B 5B
Thin Film 600KK 50KK 150KK ▪2018/DEC. 100KK
▪2019/JUN. 150KK
Metal strip 600KK 100KK 60KK ▪2018/DEC. 40KK
▪2019/JUN. 60KK
Competition Advantages

● Sophisticated equipments, excellent quality
● Various products
● Dynamic production line
● Rich field experience
● Strong R&D capability
● High yield rate
● Competitive price
● Best service
● Flexible strategy

Strategy & Vision

● Provide best quality product
● Fully comply ROHS compliance
● Implement MES & ERP system
● Meet customers’ requirements completely
● Set up Win-Win partnership
● To be paradigm of service excellence

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